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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Punting on the Cam

After weeks of brushing past importunate punting vendors with nos and frowns, today we went punting. It seemed like a good way to finish off Mom and Dad’s England trip. The tour is expensive (50 pounds), so we brought our own lunch and beverages. The guide talked us through the history and minutiae of the colleges we passed (Queen’s, King’s, Claire, Trinity, St.John’s) as we munched and gawked.

Boat loads of Japanese tourists photographed Jonathan when we’d meet along the river, which baffled but pleased him. The amateur punters can be a hazard on crowded days, and we learned that the tour guides delight in whacking them out of the way. If you want to try punting, rent a punt south of the Silver River bridge to avoid some embarrassment.

We have a video of the punt tour here.


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