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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A journey to the heart of the Fen Lands: Ely

Saturday the 16th, was fair, so the Campbell/Rylanders decided to take one more adventure and bus to Ely, the cathedral city that towers above the fens of East Anglia. There has been a church here for well over a millennia, though the present, magnificent cathedral shows considerable alteration and expansion over the centuries. Mom was delighted to learn about a famous Alcock Bishop (her maiden name), probably the same guy who was influential in the development and expansion of Jesus College here in Cambridge.

I can’t do the cathedral justice, in part b/c the boys just weren’t into the touring around. Things looked up after we left the Cathedral and got some great fish and chips, then walked to the river. Dad and Jeremy went to get a pint, while Mom and I watched the kids play in a playground. Jonathan quickly made a friend and invited him to his next birthday party as they spun in a silver saucer toy.

Separating the new friends, we tracked down the guys, lingering over a pint at a table along the river, which is full of houseboats. A pint later, we ambled up through a park/pasture (cows and horses grazing along the path) and past what was once the old church vineyard to catch the bus home.

Pictures from our trip to Ely are here. The kids sabotaged the camera charger, so we didn't get as many as we'd have liked before the charge ran out.


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