Commentary and pictures from our trip to the UK.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Last Boarding call for USAir Flight 95 to London...

I had hoped to add pictures today. We hoped we'd be doing fifty other things today in addition to the things we've actually done. C'est la vie. There will be no pictures today. Neither Shireen nor I are especially photogenic today with our scrambling around and all that other jazz.

There is a lot to do before leaving the country for an extended period. We had to get traveling cash and travelers cheques. We had to clean the house so our house sitter will have a decent place to stay. (We hope the house sitter reciprocates on our return.) And, gasp, we had pack.

Packing was a chore. This is not a simple weekend trip with a well defined list of events. This is a 7 week gig with many plans yet to be made. First, we had to identify the holes in our wardrobe. I needed shorts, casual shirts, and casual slacks. Shireen needed a broad spectrum of things. This lead to shopping. I normally prefer BR, but given the other expenses we're juggling, I got my duds at Old Navy. Shireen got some at Old Navy too, but she did a lot of other shopping for which I was not a party. The shopping then lead to the mini fashion show. It in turn lead to more scrutiny. Then we pre-packed. Then we found yet more holes in our wardrobe (I needed socks, flops, and new black shoes). Finally, after a few more mad dashes to the store, we actually put clothes in suitcases.

Now, we're hours away from actually getting on the plane. I must run as there are more unfinished errands around the house. Hopefully, we'll be online again soon with pictures of our travels and new living accommodations.


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